Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hidden Life

There are so many kinds of beauty.
I love this shot, it makes me think about how little we know of each other.
When I look at this, I see buildings, terraces, rooftop gardens, but we cannot see the people living there, their lives inside these elegant structures are a mystery. How much must be going on right before our eyes, but under a veil? Maybe two lovers are enjoying a day in bed, or an elderly man is preparing to go for a stroll, just for some fresh air. Perhaps a young woman anticipates for the upcoming night out, a concert?, dinner?  Maybe a man just told his girlfriend that he loves her for the first time, maybe she says it back. Clinking of glasses, shuffling of slippers, running water- the ebb and flow that continues past the split second of a photo moves swiftly, waiting for no one.


  1. beaut pic! and beaut description!
    loving you blog, following you now, hope you'll do the same.


  2. thank you!
    and of course, your blog is lovely also :]