Friday, November 19, 2010


I enjoy this photo because it reminds me of Nana. If you haven't met Nana, she is my grandmother (that feels odd to say... grandmother). Any who Nana is an amazing woman and when all her grand kids were small we would curl up in her TV room with her homemade afghans, one of them looks like this. Usually we watched cartoons, maybe Recess, or some other Nickelodeon phenomena at the time. Always, we had Oreos and milk a staple after- school -comfort.  Its funny how these blankets can fool you, looking at them, they have air pockets making you think they're chilly. This is certainly not the case, the moment you curl up and tuck all the corners around your shivering body, the warmth begins to flood through you. Like my Nana, the afghans were always there, just what we needed and easily loved.


  1. milkshakes! you forgot the milkshakes :)

  2. that can be another post definitely!