Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jim Croce

Jim Croce, a man of insight, and originality. In the revitalized realm of music such as The Stones, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, you know the bands they make shirts for... Jim Croce is certainly, by me at least, qualified to be with these legends. His smooth, folksy, and earthy sound stands out on its own, despite wise lyrics, and catchy tunes. Many of these artists in his era died at such a young age, before they were old men and women. What we can at least do now is to not just recognize the pop acts that survived the past few decades, but the ones that have unfairly been passed over and skimmed through. Croce's music is some what of a new discovery for me, though I've always known he's been there, I never really stopped to listen. What I found is a whole different sound that sticks in your mind, not just because of its beat but because you can learn so much from one song.

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