Thursday, January 13, 2011


so guess what!?
i finally got a job! so i may need your advice on outfits for this. here are the requirements:
-no jeans
-dress competently
yeah thats basically it. but i would like to have a sort of simple, but interesting thing going on. oh oh and i wear an apron- full on- yup.
okay well any suggestions would be great!


  1. ok, so for pants I would go to old navy (don't judge just yet) they have cheap ($20) the ones i brought home and if you get them in dark colors like navy blue, they won't show the wear so much i.e. coffee stains. also, do you get to wear you own aprons? because that would be cute =)

  2. no we have aprons there, theyre brown, not bad, not as bad as the creepy dirty feeling ones at erie county home. ha