Sunday, January 16, 2011

winter comfort

so I was going to post something about skinny girls wearing cool clothes, looking amazing, trotting around in the snow wearing red lipstick. I even thought over sunglasses, watches, and winter outfits. somehow my search and inspiration led me to bread.

yeah bread.

the thing about bread is that amidst all my confusion, sorting, organizing, and decision making, I find myself comforted by a simple assembly of flour, yeast and water.
and even though its simple and easy, our choices are miles long! theres sweet breads, wheat bread, rye bread, corn bread, herb bread... you name it, I'll bread it.

Last night my mom and I made some corn bread.
 delicious. period.
in fact I think I will go get some right now!
here is a recipe from a lovely little blog i found about a girl, just makin' some food for the family.

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