Saturday, April 23, 2011

oh crystal ball

hello darlings, i have been away for a bit, but not to fear i have not abandoned!
many many things are happening lately.
1. im moving to Brussels
2. i have nothing ready
3. its in 2 weeks.
... so any suggestions on what to pack, what to leave, what to expect... yes that would be very nice.
any-who since i've been away i have stumbled across the most marvelous little pleasures in life. isn't that so nice? - how just a little notepad, or cupcake can make your day; turning it from a forgetful monotony to a simply fine day.
also, speaking of fine things... yes i just have to tell you about this; i was given a most beautiful goodbye dinner last night. my best friends arranged everything and took me to this really refreshing place in Buffalo called Merge, its all organic fair-trade food, and so yummy!

some little pleasures:
the new perfume that had caught my eye
the hipster workout guide 
a gallery of very captivating photos
my my what a big flower you have.

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