Thursday, June 16, 2011


'I wandered alone, camera in hand, in a desperate search of lights that would rival those captured in the film. The bad weather continued, as if to mock me. For the first time in my life, I was to know the supreme humiliation of a ruined vacation, returning pale and with the bitterness of having wasted one's savings. My brother Axel joined us and the long-awaited sun followed shortly. All of a sudden everything changed in such a radical manner that it took our breath away. The absolute pureness of the air, cleansed by the fog, dazzled us. At last we were on Ibiza! We had found the fabulous setting of More, the haunting theatre of the summer fantasies of two generations. Except that, unlike the narrator in the film, we did not slide down the hard path of drugs toward a tragic end, but witnessed with fascination the emergence of a new life. Nature gave us a completely different message. My gaze became drowned in a Dali sky, where I thought I was seeing the 'remake' of the fabulous summer of when I was twenty, when the future seemed without limit.'
commentary by henry roi from hobo magazine 

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