Monday, July 4, 2011

In the Season for Dreaming...

I think its interesting, our expectations of summer. Are they ever as adventurous as we would like? Perhaps they are completely different than expected, but in a good way. Perhaps when you have no expectations they are always good. But what when our hopes of a 'magical' summer never happen? Is it better to dream of this or to just sit comfortable and enjoy the view? Looking for alternatives and possibilities has always weighed me down in the fact that nothing is dazzling enough; so now is it healthier to give those visions up? 
I would like to think not...


  1. daydream, i fell asleep beneath the flowers, for a couple of hours...

    these pictures make me want to road trip out west. ill find the van =)

  2. omg california! was this post just for me? lol